Common project collaborations

List of common project collaborations

  1. Dr Paul Buchanan (Ireland) got a new grant (Ulysse projet ) with Prof. Christophe Vandier (France).
  2. The collaboration between Iva Hafner Bratkovic (National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Pablo Pelegrin (IMIB, Murcia, Spain),
  3. collaboration between Prof. G Soveral (Portugal) and Dr Ana Cispack (Croatia )(PhD project of C. Rodrigues)
  4. a collaborative work between the Laboratory of Experimental Therapy, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia, and two groups at Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology, Institute of Microbiology ASCR, Czech Republic: Jost Ludwig group, Laboratory of Bioenergetics and Membrane Physiology, and Rudiger Ettrich group.
  5. collaboration has been established between the laboratory Ruder Boskovic Institute (Croatia), and Daniel Bonhenry from Dr Ettrich group (Czech Republic),
  6. 1 new collaborative work between G Soveral (Portugal) and Jelena Stankovic (Serbia) will give 1 publication in 2019.
  7. Collaboration with Nace Zidar Univerza v Ljubljani Fakulteta za farmacijo) and Prof. G. Panyi (Hungary)
  8. Collaboration with Iva Bozic, Irena Lavrnja, University of Belgrade) and Prof. G. Panyi (Hungary)
  9. Collaboration of Katja Ester Croatia with Jost Ludwig (Czech Republic)
  10. Collaboration of Jacek Kuznicki group (Poland) with Barbara Niemeyer (Germany).
  11. Collaboration of Ruth Murrell-Lagnado, UK with Colin Adrian, (Portugal)
  12. Collaboration of Ruth Murrell-Lagnado, UK with Sebastien Roger, (France)
  13. Collaboration of Ruth Murrell-Lagnado, UK with Rainer Shinld (Aus) on STIM-Orai
  14. Collaboration of Pablo Pelegrin (Spain) with Francesco di Virgilio, (Italy) Fritz Koch-Nolte (Ger), Iva Hafner (Slo), Cinzia Volonté (Italy), Sebastien Roger (France), Darek Goreck (UK),
  15. Collaboration of Graca Soveral (Portugal) with Ana Cipack (Croatia)
  16. Collaboration of N. Demaurex (Swiss) with Christoph Romanin (Aus) et Barbara Niemeyer (Ger) on STIM/ORAI
  17. Collaboration initiated between Jacek Kuznicki group and Jose Naranjo (Spain) to check the effect of DREAM protein on presenilin.
  18. Collaboration of Jacek Kuznicki group (Poland) with Barbara Niemeyer (Germany).
  19. Collaboration between V. Cinzia (Italy) and P.Pelegrin (Spain)